Buy gold and silver in Dubai with international storage options 

GVS is your trusted precious metals dealer in Dubai, UAE. Clients from all over Europe and the Arabian peninsula turn to GVS for consulting on all matters related to precious metals, such as buying, selling and international high-security storage. Discover a diverse range of investment-grade metals tailored to your needs, such as LBMA certified gold bars of the worlds most trusted gold refineries Valcambi, Argor Heraeus, Perth Mint, Heraeus and Austrian Mint. Equally popular are the gold and silver coins Maple Leaf, Britannia, Krugerrand, Philharmonic, American Eagle, as well as our comprehensive selection of silver bars and platinum coins.

GVS operates internationally and is particularly well-represented in central Europe. GVS became well known through its Chief Economist Thomas Bachheimer, who also publishes on own news platform on current economic policy developments. Whether you buy gold , sell silver, or explore platinum bars and palladium prices, our extensive selection ensures quality and variety. Focused on securing your financial future, GVS Dubai is committed to being the best place to buy gold and silver online and at our store. Our experts speak English, German, Russian, ... and are here for guidance and consultation, ensuring a smooth and secure transaction every time.

Our international secure precious metals storage facilities offer a range of options of custodial services, including allocated bullion vault storage and specialized segregated precious metals vaults most prominently in Switzerland, Singapore and Dubai. All GVS gold vaults are equipped with cutting-edge security measures, which supercede the common safe deposit boxes for gold. Whether you seek gold storage facilities, tax free silver vault services, GVS ensures unparalleled protection for your investments.

Operating with experience, transparency and integrity for over 20 years, GVS is one of the most trusted gold and silver dealers and guarantees the highest industry standards in cooperation with our trusted gold refineries. Buy gold bars or any other precious metals item with confidence in their quality and authenticity. No matter your location consider us your local gold dealers. Join or call us like many others and invest confidently in your future with GVS Dubai, your trusted partner in the world of precious metals.

Why choose GVS

We provide consultation regarding gold and silver investment via our experts, taking your personal needs into consideration, and delivering the best choices for you based on two decades of experience.

Discreet Entrance
Leaving street stores leads to unwanted observations. Our stores allow unobserved coming and a relaxed return home.

Live Prices
Our prices are tied to the current precious metal rates to the minute. We guarantee the price at the time of your order, night or day, weekday, or weekend.

GVS Storage
GVS combines secure precious metal storage with flexibility on a global scale. The crises of the past have proven the importance of this system. You too, like thousands of other customers, can rely on Real Security.

Buyback Guarantee
We guarantee the repurchase of all precious metals purchased from GVS. In addition, we buy bars and coins from all manufacturers, as well as jewelry and scrap gold. Authenticating the precious metals and purchase calculation are always free of charge and without obligation.

All Currencies
All currencies are perishable, except for one. This one has existed since the Big Bang and has outlasted all other currencies. No matter what currency you have, you can exchange it for precious metals with us.

Largest Selection
Precious metals are in stock in every size. Over two hundred thousand customers invest in the best products with GVS, starting from gifts, going up to millions in investments.

International Partnerships
GVS provides all the major mints in the world for its clients. This gold network is available to every customer and provides a hedge to the globalized banking world.

Rare Earths
The whole world needs them, but almost no one has them - The rare earths. GVS imports, certifies and safely stores these raw materials for you. In times of inflation, limited goods are invaluable.

Authenticity Testing
GVS is always up to date with the latest science and is aware of all of the counterfeiting methods. For authenticity testing, GVS uses equipment from its own development.

GVS offers other precious metal dealers a wholesale partnership with a modern real-time trading interface. This can be used by traders on all continents.

Independent news is the basic prerequisite for developing an informed opinion. The GVS news agency ensures that this service is available to all citizens. One million views per month confirms the demand.

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Thomas Bachheimer is the Chief Economist of GVS

TB Video
Yet again the days get a little darker

Last week the EU published its plans for the asset register in a press release. It was clear to all investors that this was no reason to be happy - but how comprehensive these measures would be exceeded the expectations of even the worst pessimists.

Bachheimer Gold
Thomas Bachheimer - Gold has always been an escape animal

The financial expert and chief economist of GVS Group Thomas Bachheimer has moved to Dubai. The background of his emigration is purely economic. In an interview with PANGAEA, he also explains why an investment in gold is more worthwhile than in real estate.

GVS Hochsicherheitslagerung
Buy SILVER, pay 0% tax NOW, store safely, properly and tax free!

Buy silver at 0% tax into your tax free bonded warehouse! Storing silver is the best crisis protection. Secure your savings for yourself and your family. Storage expert Christian Trinker presents the most significant advantages against inflation and tax increases in this video.

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